Wednesday 2 November 2011

Time to say hello...

Following on from our last post a whole month has passed. We are both very busy at the moment, but I think that after reading some of the kind comments you have left over the last week it is only fair to give you a bit of an update.

After taking Barbara the cockerel back to the farm she came from, we returned with a gorgeous white pekin as her replacement. We were a bit unconventional this time in the naming process so please give a warm welcome to...

This photo was taking the day she arrived, she now has a much bigger comb and is laying at occasional intervals. Oh, her name by the way is Barbara 2, or Barbara Deux, Or Barbaratu.

It varies every morning when we go to feed her, and depending on how naughty she has been too.

The first day she arrived we filled that green tray with straw, sand, soil, leaves etc to give Margot and Mrs.Weaver something else to focus on other than Barbaratu. The fun lasted two minutes, and then they were pinning poor old babs down to the floor and jumping on her back etc.

The bullying lasted about 48 hours, but the pecking order is definately established now, and they all look so cute cuddled up together inside the eglu on these cold, dark winter nights.

I will see if I can fit a vegetable update in tomorrow or later this week.

It looks like we have a lot of catching up to do with everybody else's blogs too.

Thanks for reading!

Martin and Amy