Tuesday 13 November 2012


Had some devastating news yesterday. We got a call from the Town Council to tell us that on Saturday night our Shed was ramsacked and tipped over. When we arrived last night in the pitch black the roof was leaning on the ground and the base was high in the air. It looks like it has been rolled too. It's about 1/4 of the way down the plot now as opposed to right at the front side.

We could tell it was a mess last night when we went up but it was so dark that we could not see a thing. I went up this morning on the way to work and this is the site of devastation....

It makes you feel like strinking a match and burning the lot and walking away for good. Our mini greenhouses are smashed to bits and our books and notepads are soaked due to the rain over the weekend. We are still unsure what is missing but we have noted a few things already. My allotment neighbour told me he discovered the sight and called the town council straight away, but obviously being a weekend there was no response. I had only started digging it over for winter on Friday, how frustrating. Since yesterday the shed has collapsed and crumbled.

Absolutely gutted. Not sure what to do or where to start...

But we will fight on and I will dig for victory!