Saturday, 3 December 2011

Those winter nights..

Have you ever been in a rush in the morning only to go outside and feel your heart sink and your brain spin out of control at what is in front of you? These winter nights are really catching up with us now, and I've already had to reach for the ice scraper in the last couple of weeks.

Christmas is nearly upon us, and tomorrow is the first Sunday in advent.

Although, we haven't been posting much recently due to commitments such as University coursework, we are still living 'our good life' and it is definately good enough for us, but we are sorry we haven't been able to share it with you.

We are going to try and tell you about some of our festive happenings over the next few weeks. We are going to be visiting some of the most beautiful and fascinating Churches in Warwickshire as we look forward to our festive celebrations, and we will also be visiting many other fascinating places too. We'll try and give you a bit of an insight in to the Frankfurt market in Birmingham city centre, and we'll let you know about our trip to London on the 19th.

If that's not enough, I am looking forward to making cranberry sauce for the first time, so that will definately give me something to get excited about. I also want to show you the delicious home made Christmas cakes that we will be distributing to our nearest and dearest in a couple of weeks from now. The cakes have been maturing for 2 months now, and on the 20th we intend to ice them ready for handing out. We've been taking some advice from the lovely Nigella and there are a few different ways we are going to try and decorate them.

We've also been very crafty this year. We've abandoned the Tesco Christmas Card multipacks in favour of a needle and thread and we'll reveal the results very soon..

Before I sign off for now, I just want to show you a picture of one of these winter nights. It was taken at Ragley Hall in Arrow, Warwickshire....

We visited the Ragley sailing club at Ragley lake for it's last ever meeting. A club that Amy's grandpa has been a member of for more than half a century. It's a shame to see that they are being turned away by the estate, in favour of cash generating ventures.

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  1. I made cranberry sauce for the first time last year and was so glad that I did. Waiting to see those cranberries get marked down again this year.
    I don't send any Christmas cards anymore. Homemade ones are better but still get thrown away. Can't wait to see what you did.
    We rarely ever go anywhere, not much to see here that we haven't already seen and we dislike any type of crowds or cities.

  2. Cranberry sauce is really easy. I leave some of the suggested sugar out of it. I like it tart rather than sickly sweet. Have fun. Cakes waiting for two months? Ummm, I would have been into them and there would be none now.

  3. I'm very impressed that you've been doing coursework rather than blogging! Handmade christmas cards and cakes ready for icing? You've been a lot more organised than me about christmas - I'm only just getting round to planting my garlic!


    Sft x


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