Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A taste of things to come...

It is with absolute pleasure that I am able to announce that we are back online!

We now have 2 fully functional laptops between us after a period of time with only our phones to use as internet access and therefore there has been no blog posts for a while.

The allotment has transformed superbly over the last few weeks and we can not believe how well things are going. You would not recognise it from the day we took over to now. We are so proud of our achievements and we are so pleased to have a small taste of things to come.

We had planted raddish seeds in a raised bed planter days after getting the plot, and it was very rewarding to have a nibble on the first few a couple of days ago.

I'm going to do a bumper pack of blog updates over the coming days and week so check back for more pictures and blog entries.

As a teaser, here is the picture of the first raddish out of the ground. You can see some of what the allotment look like now in the background.

It was delicious!!!

Speak soon,



  1. Looking good so far. I love fresh radishes.

  2. Goody,
    I have been waiting for you to get back online!

  3. I've just noticed that my radish have just started to germinate. They're such a quick crop that you don't have to wait long to harvest them. Glad to see you back online.

  4. Welcome back to the blogging world. You have been missed. and Hello to that radish, def. promising of more delicious things to come. You should be proud of your achievements at the allotment, I have hardly progressed in my new garden with the persistent rain keeping me inside rather than out. Hope that changes next week.

  5. Hello Martin and Amy - thank you for visiting my blog. You left a very interesting comment, hahahaha. It was the letter 'm'. Ummm, thank you ;)

    Great to find another new lottie blog xx

  6. Mine are the tenth of the size of yours!
    Guess I will have to be patient!

  7. Hurrah! A radish - first crop of the year. I haven't even thought about sowing radish yet - thanks for the reminder.


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