Monday, 28 May 2012

Costa Del Allotment

Wish you were here...

Wow, wow, wow! What a week of amazing weather.

The reason we've been quiet of late is the annual exam season, I'm spending more time reading about neoliberalism and globalization than onions and potatoes which is not right at all. But in this glorious weather it would have been rude not to get out the table and chairs, sit back and drink ginger beer on our patio.

As you can tell by the picture plot 114 is starting to look like a proper allotment now! Potatoes are being earthed up weekly and we've already got brassicas in the ground. The courgettes and pumpkins are getting bushier and bushier every day.

The only problem with this weather is the arm ache every evening. Not having a hosepipe means we have to walk to the site water hole and fill up cans and cans of water.

IWeve been revising all day today but we've been up to the allotment to water the veg and there were so many people up there. It is such a nice place and there is a real community spirit. Everybody is so kind and happy to talk.

Well that's a quick little snippet of what we've been up to. After tomorrow (Tuesday) we are exam free for 10 days, so I pinky promise to make  a proper update.

Almost June so get growing!!

Martin and Amy

P.S: You know are mooing neigheighbours on the field behind the allotment? Well they have calves! It's a little difficult to get pictures of the calves on my iphone because they are so shy and keep away from the fence, but the big girls like to come and say hello all the time...


  1. Your plot sounds absolutelly idyllic

    Once your exams are over you'll have all summer to enjoy it

  2. Mama probably wants you to go away and has instructed baby to get behind her! Cows with a baby will hurt you. Your garden looks great. If you had a hose, would there be a place to hook it up to running water. I suppose your UK "hosepipe" is the same as "hose" in the South and "hosepipe" up in the Northern states?

  3. It's been a glorious week, hasn't it? A little too hot to get much done at the allotment, but a welcome change from all the rain nevertheless. Good luck with the exams, my son's finished his AS levels all bar one, Further Maths, which is towards the end of June.


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