Monday, 25 June 2012

First Earlies, First Strawberries, First Courgettes and a lot more firsts...

Wow! Things are really picking up on the plot now. I won't do a full allotment update because I am saving that for Wednesday or Thursday's post.

Anyway I just wanted to share the joy we have had over the last few days. We have harvested some first early potatoes, the first strawberries, first courgette, first raspberries, first blackcurrants and MORE LETTUCE!

I was waiting for our potatoes to bulk up a bit, all of the first earlies have been flowering for between 1 and 2 weeks now which means they are ok to harvest, but for a bigger yield you can wait longer. Seeing Monty failing to resist temptation on Gardener's World last Friday, I went down to the allotment this morning to dig up a plant and see what was beneath...

I rushed home after picking a courgette and lettuce before I left, and quickly boiled up a pan of water for the potatoes, put some local sausages in the oven, and made a ratatouille using the courgette, the last of the bought onions (before we harvest ours) and an aubergeine we bought at gardener's world. I then smothered the new potatoes with butter and mmmmm mmmmm mmmm!

Let's put it this way, we didn't need to wash our plates afterwards.. they were spotless!! The tastiest potatoes I've ever tasted, they really were, I'm not just saying that because we planted them ourselves, if you can find me a shop bought potato that tasted that good I wouldn't bother, but until then I will continue to grow my own! Truth is you will never find a shop bought potato that was in the ground 1 hour before I put it in to my mouth. That's a fact!

It has also been satisfying to pick the first few strawberries over the last couple of days because that only means one thing, Wimbledon starts today! You know where to find me for the next few weeks.. In front of the telly, or down the plot in between the big matches!

Thanks for visiting the blog, I hope you are harvesting lots of tasty fresh produce too!



  1. You really can't explain the pure divine joy of growing your own veggies and fruits - and those first early potatoes - heavenly.

    I am sure that folks who read my blog must think that I am start staring mad - not only for all the hours and hard labour I put into it - but for exactly the same experience you have perfectly described above.

    I am off to dig up my first early potato plant tomorrow - been too busy in the garden catching up on chores after being away!

  2. The first taste of homegrown potatoes each year is just divine! We're going to try and hold out until the beginning of July but I have a feeling we may not make it after reading this post. Can't believe you're eating courgettes, that is amazing! Our are behind and haven't even started to flower.

  3. Congratulations on your harvests. I honestly think you can taste the hard work in home grown food!!!

  4. My volunteer tomatoes were heavenly! I know the feeling. There were only three pounds. I may just plant some and see what happens. Voluneers did well, so deliberate planting should do better.

    I love your enthusiasm and your harvest.


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