Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Welcome to November (July)

Well. I took this video at 4:30 pm today on our way out to the garden centre from Amy's mum's house. This has been the picture for the last 10 or so days...


It is more like November than July, but at least the fresh produce keeps on growing, albeit rather more slowly than per usual!

We're now harvesting plenty of broad beans, courgettes, lettuce and soft fruit including raspberries and blackberries. We made a blackcurrant and apple crumble yesterday and today we had homemade ratatouille with chopped tomatoes, courgette ribbons and chunks as well as handfuls of broad bean served with pasta! Delicious!

When the weather sorts itself out, I'll give you a proper allotment update!



  1. In my town we have had 30 minutes rain in the last month!

  2. Your crops are still ahead of mine - and the rain - bah!


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