Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Our Garden at Paddington House

Welcome to our garden at Paddington House!!

As you can see, it is another blank canvas and you can also infer from the houses opposite that we are living on a working building site! These houses are brand new and even though the house is very modern we really believe we can have our own good life here and we truly believe we will be very happy with it.

We have big plans for this little area here.. 
Tucked around the side of the house and in between our house and our neighbours..

We bought this house purely because of it's garden. It is the biggest garden for any of the 3 bedroom houses on the 168 home development site and most importantly it is south facing! Perfect!

We really hope you'll visit our blog soon to see our progress.



  1. Oh wow .... don't you just love a blank canvass :-)

    Such potential, I hope you have lots of fun planning it, using the expertise you have already picked up along the way. I see a windy path, a washing line full of billowing sheets, lots of cottage style flowers all mixed in with herbs for your cooking and a few vegetables dotted here and there for easy pickings for the kitchen.

    I look forward to following your progress. Good luck to you both. xx

  2. Thanks Rachel and Sue!

    The garden is already much transformed, however we have been without Internet since we moved in during March. I am now filling the gaps in on the blog now that we are back online.

    Thanks for reading,


  3. That is such a good size garden for a new build. Look forward to see what you do with the space.

  4. plenty of space for vertical planting it will be great following how you transform it :-)


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