Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I'm feeling a little bit like I've had a spell cast upon me by the weather witch. Whenever I am doing something that I don't want to do but I need to do then the sun is shining, but when I am wanting to do something I want to do then the rain starts to drum down.

Every time I put on my Allotment gear ready for a trip, the heavens open. Oh well, we are getting up to pick bits and bobs and we've had marrows, runner beans and french beans in plentiful supply. The courgette glut is almost over, they are definately slowing down now and the picking isn't as heavy or frequent. However, there is still plenty to eat and we certainly aren't going hungry as you can see in the next picture which shows some recently prepared Mediteranean inspired potatoes and roasted vegetables....

I really need to get a move on with a few things though. The winter cabbage seeds really should have been sown last week, but will have to cope with a week less of growing time and I am sure they will. Linda also asked about a how to grow perfect cabbages guide, so that will be coming up when it's time to put the spring cabbage plants out.

On an interesting note, we're dabbling our hand at... showing vegetables. Apparently there is a local vegetable show on September 1st, Amy picked up a leaflet in one of the local shops. It's all a bit spontaneous but we are entering 4 categories. We know our veg isn't perfect, simply because it was never intended that it would be, if it was good to eat that was good for us. But we will be challenging for the honour of the largest marrow along with contending in the classes for courgettes, runner beans and french beans. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I have also started my new job this week at a college in South Birmingham. It is a beautiful college with fantastic gardens and if I get permission I will be regularly taking photos and posting them here. They have their own veg patch and the food is used in the kitchens and so far so good. I am working in a marketing position and one of the things I am looking forward to is the first ever 'Open Gardens' at the college, where hopefully we'll be inviting the general public in to the grounds for the first time to view the beautiful collection of plants and trees that we have there. There is also a large ornamental pond and orchard. It's just great and I am really enjoying it.

However, due to the increase in my working hours there is obvioulsy less time for blogging, so I'm working on several social media streams including Facebook to bring you short, snappy updates as opposed to large posts. However as Friday is my day off I hope that Friday's will be my regular allotment and blogging day. So hopefully it will be something for me to look forward to at the end of my week and also give you a good read for the weekend.

Amy also works on Thursday evenings so until the night's do really pull in, I'll be visiting the allotment then too, but how many weeks of light evening's we have left is surely limited.  You might be lucky to see some photos tomorrow. But only if you are lucky.

Have a great day!



  1. Where can I find your Fb link then? Will like, if I can!

  2. Too bad about the switch to fb. I won't be there. I hate fb and never will follow a blog there. So, I won't be following you there.

    I am thinning out my reading this way. Many blogs demand I follow them on fb to read or comment. So, I just move on.

  3. I have a fb account and have only 50 friends. I turn down people I don't know well. I rarely go there, never answer anyone. I just keep up with events there. I am clever enough to be on fb, but savvy and cautious enough to not mix it up too much with personal or blog life. I have no desire to promote someone's blog on fb or even reveal what blogs I follow. I follow you here. You are on my blog roll.

    Blog posts can be short! They don't have to be long and newsy.

    I think you may find followers feel the same way. But, you may enlarge your following there.

  4. Good luck with the local show! Your new job sounds great too, hope it goes well.

  5. Don't worry Linda, we aren't going to facebook full time and you don't need to follow us there if you don't want to. We will just be using facebook for short snappy updates. If some of the blog followers wish to like us on facebook then that is great, but it is also an easier way for me to communicate with friends and family who are interested. You can guarantee that this blog will not be neglected and will be regularly updated.

    Thanks for reading,


  6. I've noticed the nights already drawing in, quite depressing really seeing as how we haven't had much of a summer. Good luck with the show. Our local show is on the same day but I don't think I'll be able to make it this year. I've never shown anything but I do like to go to support it if I can. I should imagine that entries will be down this year after our lack of summer.

  7. Good, now I wonder what I will miss. I never read much there, because I just don't care enough about what people are liking or doing. I only answer questions put to me alone. Nothing I say is ever Maybe you can put the little updates on the blog all at once so I won't have a gap that leaves me wondering or questioning.

    I have observed one thing. The little house you have is small, but it looks habitable for someone who is hard up for money. Does anyone ever take up residence at the allotments? Are there prohibitions on doing so?


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