Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September Strawberries and other musings...

Well, at least it's now official! The craziest growing season that we have ever had!

We had literally a couple of strawberries to harvest during the sunny spring, nothing all summer and now....

I think this picture taken only a couple of days ago really sums up the rollercoaster that all of us growers have been on this year. Many, many downs but thankfully some ups too!! It's been really exciting seeing what has coped but also dissapointing to see what has flopped. The strawberries are still on a resurgence and there are plenty more to pick in the coming days.
Other recent picking have offered...
...plenty of beans....

The last week or so has been pretty good weather wise, but due to the new job the allotment is a little bit more neglected than I would like. We are also going out for the day on Friday so there will be little time to visit the plot then. Thankfully Amy has agreed to come to the allotment to give me a hand tomorrow evening, so it will give us some chance to catch up.
So hopefully we'll get the weeds under control at some point and we'll be ready to put the beds we used for potatoes and onions to bed this week by raking in some new compost and covering them over until next year. I have been so busy elsewhere that I haven't even sown any Spring Cabbage seeds despite having the packet sat on my bedside table to remind me. I might have to buy some plugs in a few weeks or sow some in the next couple of days and really hope for the best. Never mind. We're still eating a plentiful supply of summer cabbage, but we are definately going to suffer come the hungry gap!
I must remember that this is our first year on this plot, so we are still learning all about what grows well on this site and we are always thinking of things we can do better. Despite having the allotment for only 7 months we have already been hit twice by mindless thugs. You might remember that our mini greenhouse was stolen a couple of weeks after we 'moved in' and last week some thieving scum bags broke in to a whole host of sheds on the plot. Thankfully they didn't manage to get in to ours but they did have a very good go and there is noticeable damage to some of the shed panels and to the lock which is obscurely bent and now difficult to close.
Thankfully there is nothing in there worth stealing......
We opened the door, it wasn't ajar when we discovered the failed break in attempt.
Oh well! It is depressing, but at least they didn't damage any plants or steal any veg! That's the main thing!
Well. I hope to bring you more updates here soon. I would also just like to clarify that WE ARE NOT moving to facebook permanently. It will just be a subsidary of this blog and will make it easier to communicate with a large pool of our followers and we also hope that our 'min updates' will  feaure here too. Please don't worry, we aren't going anywhere and we are here to stay.
Thanks again for reading. I am hoping to get some pictures of my new work place on here before too long. We have 6 acres of beautiful gardens including a kitchen garden!
Keep smiling, it's almost Christmas!
Martin :0)


  1. Yes, It's been a very topsy turvy growing season this year. I still haven't had the first ripe tomato, nor have I harvested any beans, yet I've never failed with either of these crops in the past. Sorry to hear about the vandalism, allotment sites seem to attract theives, easy pickings I suppose.

  2. Automn strawberries are the best! Full of sugar and taste! I Love them!

  3. Sorry to hear about the thugs. The old boys on our plots leave their sheds unlocked,so the mindless thugs can see there's nothing worth pinching and alleviates the need for them to do any damage to the shed itself.

    That mountain of beans looks delicious!

  4. Good idea about leaving the shed open. I know that one of the old boys stands a 3ft paving slab up on the other side of his shed door so that when it opens it comes crashing out! He knows it is there, but the theifs don't. There will certainly be no skin left on their shins anyway!


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