Thursday, 13 September 2012

At least it's not this bad..

Last night's allotment trip was an absolute wash out and continues with the theory that I am cursed. Anyway, I did manage to cover up 2 of the beds which were this year occupied by onions and potatoes. Before covering them I raked in a sack of compost for each bed. They'll get some well rotted manure and soil improver come the spring. Anyway this washout gives me a chance to share something with you that really get's on my nerves.....

This is the biggest plot on our site and look at the state of it!

Apparently it used to be held by 'Barry Trout' who won the Best Kept Allotment competition every single year! He grew the biggest pumpkins, tastiest onions and was the awe of the site. Unfortunately when he died, his family took over the lease and have not bothered with it since due to their own unfortunate circumstances which I won't go in to. It is a real shame, it is the size of 2 of our plots and it overlooks the river and part of the cow field. I hope that somebody takes it over next year and restores it to it's former glory. It's a shame that the local town council don't do something about it. There are genuine people on the waiting list and this double plot is untouched and has been for years. It could have been ours if somebody had sorted it out when we were on the waiting list.

I often get a little depressed about the state of weeds on our allotment, but at least it doesn't look like this plot. Everyone has struggled with weeds this year due to being unable to get to the plots between heavy rain and even thunder storms.

Roll on Summer 2013, a bit more sun would be a delight!!



  1. Those weeds could at least be mowed. They distribute seeds and cause everyone problems. I have an elderly neighbor who owns about for lots that are mowed infrequently. MY yard started developing a weed problem after hers was not mowed regularly! Mybe a unified front would at least result in some mowing by those in charge or owners of the plot. Are there not any rules about losing a plot if it is not used to grow food? There should be.

  2. Hi Linda.

    Thanks for visiting.

    It would be great to mow it, but I'm not sure who would. I know us plotholders would like to but amongst all these weeds is wood, scrap metal, old raised bed etc. etc. so it's not so straightforward.

    Thankfully there are rules, but seeing as the plots are only inspected once a year they just send out a letter to remind people to cultivate it and that is the end of the matter. If people do get a final warning which is very rare, it is likely people will come along clear the area, dig it over and then let it get back to it's original state again.

    The rules state 'All plots should be tidy and free from refuse' it also continues 'plots should be at least 70% cultivated for the growing of fruit and/or vegetables during the main growing season period'.

    Thanks for visiting the blog, we are really glad you like reading it!


    1. It seems like that someone should complain many times. If many people complained many times, it would work. They seem to be breaking all the rules.

      I would not mow it unless I were assured of getting the plot.


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