Monday, 17 September 2012

The sweet taste of success...

Well here we have it. The first sweet taste in 2012 of homegrown sweetcorn..

It was absolutely delicious! We served with plenty of butter and I have to say it was a) the sweetest and b) the biggest I have ever grown it. It was simply perfect, and I can't wait to harvest plenty more of the coming weeks!

Today we also picked kale, cabbage, runner beans, borlotti beans, strawberries and raspberries. The beans and brassicas were taken to my grandparent's house and the strawberries and raspberries are waiting to be devoured as soon as I publish this post. Amy has been down to the allotment three times this week to pick strawberries and we have picked over 50 each time. We also have raspberries by the bucket load too...



You might already know if you have seen our live twitter feed on the right, but at the weekend we visited Ryton Organic Gardens near Coventry. We had scheduled to visit West Midland's Safari Park because we HAD some free tickets, emphasis on the HAD because as we about to step out the door we noticed that they expired the week before! Typical!

Anyway we ended up at Ryton. Amy had never been before and I hadn't been in a couple of years. I love the idea of growing heritage varieties and this is something they really promote. We obviously paid most attention to the vegetable growing side of things.

This would be idyllic wouldn't it...

They also had a greenhouse full of interesting tomatoes. This tomato really caught the eye. They didn't seem to form on 'trusses' like normal tomatoes do...

They were actually dangling on their own. They were absolutely huge and almost pepper like. Here is the placard with the variety name on...

The amount of tomatoes growing perfectly was very enviable. So many fellow bloggers (ourselves included) have reported about the widespread blight problem that we've had in this country this year. A real shame. For all of us who forgot what home grown tomatoes look like, here is a reminder...

Right, I'm now off to enjoy those strawberries and raspberries. Don't forget to follow us on twitter @ourgoodlifeblog ! I am slowly making it around everybody elses blogs leaving comments. Thanks again for reading. We hope you have a plentiful harvest this week! I have another blog post planned for later this week, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Oh I missed you at Ryton! I was doing my stuff there on the Sat!

    Not sure about Apple Day but email me nearer the time and I will let you know - we could meet up if I am on duty!

  2. Try your corn cob raw, they are delicious. You have to eat them immediately they are picked though, otherwise the sugars start turning to starch. (So don't try this with shop bought cobs!). I heard it on Gardeners Question Time a few years ago (Bob Flowerdew, I expect). It sounded like a windup to me, but I tried it anyway and I was amazed (pun intended). I eat more like this than I do cooked now. Hazel

  3. Your sweet corn looks perfect. I'm going to be without again this year, they just don't seem to want to grow for me.

  4. Hi , thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave an encouraging comment on the whole word verification thingy . We usually have great corn but like everything else this year the harvest is small. We escaped the tomato blight but our spuds were wiped out . I will follow your blog too some very interesting reading !


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