Friday, 5 August 2011


Today saw the harvest of the first ripe tomato. This is from a variety simply called 'Orange Cherry'.

Hopefully this is the first of many, a whole vine were ripening in the sun this afternoon...

It was sweet and delicious! It was only small but we had half each. Not quite enough for tea.

Talking of meals though, we have had plenty of food from our own garden to eat. We had an entirely self produced curry (minus the sauce) the other day. We also had cottage pie with home grown new potatoes, spinach and runner beans. Sunday Lunch was completed with the daily harvest too!

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. You are absolutely right; this is beautiful!
    Mine are still completely green!

  2. Just perfect.
    It is so satisfying and so lovely to be able to eat from your own well tended and lved vegetable garden.

  3. How lovely, I can't wait to try mine. Sounds like everything is going very well! Rach x

  4. Lucky you, I found one mostly orange one on the ground this morning which I've bought home to hopefully ripen up on the window sill. The rest are still green.
    Thanks you too! Flighty


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