Thursday, 11 August 2011

Final Call

There's only three days to go until the entry deadline for our contest.

The contest should take you a few minutes to complete and you will have the chance to win a £20 vegetable growing hamper!

You can read this post here to find out all about how to enter.

Good Luck

Martin and Amy


  1. Is this Amy's blog?

    I know what you mean about keeping on top of things.

    I've been able to blog whilst on my hol but not post comments so that's what i'm doing now.

    The leeks we planted a few weeks ago are sprouting.

    Not clever enough to enter your contest but good luck to the ones that are!

    Sft x

  2. Hi Sft.

    We use this blog together.

    However, Amy doesn't post much. Not that she doesn't want to, she would just rather be drooling over expensive clothes that I won't let her have.

    She does her fair share in general, but her actual blog posts are quite far between. I am assured she will be posting tomorrow evening.


  3. My version of the puzzle makes no sense whatso ever....should I still enter and give you a laugh?

    Sue xx


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