Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Well, with the night's coming in earlier and earlier as each day goes by and the air begins to turn colder and colder it means only one thing. Autumn has arrived.

Where we live I had the best childhood ever when it came to Autumn. The park which is only 50 metres walk from our house has many established Horse Chesnut 'Conker' trees dotted around the edges, so around this time I always remember going with my Grandma and brother down to the park to fill up a few Tesco's bags full of Conkers and then I would take them home and pierce each one and load them on to strings ready to take to school to abolish my friend's conkers with.

Great fun indeed.

With the change of season comes the need to update the look of the blog.

So here's our Autumn profile picture which was taken by my brother, who wants to be a photographer...

 He does a great job every time, and he is responsible for tweaking all the graphics on this blog.

I have a few Autumny posts lined up for the rest of this week and then we proceed rather directly on to.. ahem.... Christmas posts. But don't worry there will be plenty of more immediate things to blog about too.

I've had a great morning starting to catch up with some of my favourite blogs, don't forget you check them out on the right hand side of this blog. Each one is definately worth a read.

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting us. Your support is amazing, thankyou.



  1. A lovely photo, and a nice idea to update your profile pic as each season changes. I think we've all played conkers as kids. I remember painting mine with nail varnish to make it stronger, was that allowed or was I cheating?

  2. That is definately not cheating Jo!

    Just enhancing your chances!!


  3. I still collect conkers :) I use them to deter spiders, but only in the bedrooms. I have memories of storing them in drawers to harden them, and did some people use vinegar to harden them? I also remember sore knuckles and wrists ;)
    Great photo!


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