Saturday, 17 September 2011

Loaf at first sight!

Well, I'm not sure if it looks more like a football with a puncture or a work of art.

I hadn't made bread by hand for absolutely ages. In fact I never thought I was ever any good at it full stop. However I decided I would have another go yesterday to get me in the mood for Friday's baking session. (Which I will blog about over the weekend.)

From the moment I started making the dough I knew this was going to be a top loaf. After the dough had been left in the airing cupboard for 40 minutes, it had risen like my other doughs had never risen before. It was so big, so smooth. I was so excited and half an hour later..

Drumroll please....


I'm making another loaf tomorrow. I had made this loaf for Amy for when she got back from work, but when my family saw it, they asked me to bake them one too.

Don't you just love that scent that wafts through the house when bread is baking in the oven. If you don't know what I am talking about then you really need to bake some bread!


Have a good weekend!!!


  1. That loaf looks like it has plenty of lift and a great crust. What do you use to slash the loaf?

  2. I am so hungry and now hungrier. It is breakfast time. A guy that bakes bread would be a dream come true. The bread machine makes my bread but not lately, so maybe I ought to unbox it and start.

  3. Lovely loaf! I can smell it from here :-)

  4. Oh yum, that looks good! I wish I had the time to do the same ... !

  5. Hi Mal - Thanks for your great question. I should have said. I just use a long sharp knife and roughly cut the grooves/slashes in to the dough. It will rise with these slashes in tact.

    For the rest of you, you really need to start making some bread! Homemade is unbeatable and simply delicious!!

    Martin :0)

  6. A beautiful loaf, worth all the effort.

    Sft x

  7. Homemade is definitely better. I like to make 6 loaves at once and freeze 4 of the doughs to use for later.

  8. Lovely looking jelly, well done.


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