Friday, 16 September 2011

You're not supposed to that!!

Ever since the 3 Bantam hens have arrived, we have been filled with nothing but laughter watching them being so innocently charming and delightfully clumsy at times.

However, nothing could have prepared us for the laugh we have had over the last few days.

You must watch the video below to understand why...

Turn your volume right up because I was only using a mobile phone to record it..

So it turns out Barbara is actually more like Barbarian! We've heard crowing for the last couple of days but were convinced that it was coming from somewhere else. But today she, I mean he, was caught red handed.

We phoned up the breeder who we bought them from, and explained the situation and she said she would happily have him back. So tomorrow we are taking Barbara back 'home'. She has a great place to live with the breeder, large open fields with plenty of places to scratch, play with friends and cock-a-doodle-doo to her/his hearts content.

We will miss you Barbara. It's been an honour to have you with us these last 2 months! But we're not quite ready for a cockerel yet, not with neighbours in the proximity anyway.

Martin and Amy


  1. Ooops. I bet your neighbours are glad he's not staying. Will you replace him?

  2. Oh what a shame. One of mine who is a few years old tries to crow now and again but she still lays eggs.

    They are cuties though aren't they

  3. Funny! I thought my ten chicks had matured and that I could finally figure out their sex when I heard crowing one morning and many mornings. I ran out looking for "him." It turned out that my neighbor had a rooster crowing over the fence, not ten feet from my ten teen chicks. I got rid of the two males before they ever crowed for fear of rousing the ire of neighbors.

    Remember, if you bring in a new girl, she will be pecked because they will need to rework the "pecking order."

  4. Bless him!
    Our hens make such a racket when they've laid that I doubt a Rooster would add much to the noise levels :)

  5. Sad that you have to take him back but I'm sure he'll be fine.

  6. He is going back tomorrow.

    Thanks for reading everybody!

    He is going to a great home to see out his days!

    Martin :0)


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