Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A month of fun and things..

Well, it's been exactly one month since we last posted about that delicious green pepper.

Amy is back studying again now and I go back to Uni on the 3rd October. Despite not blogging, we've been keeping up with 'Our good life' and the tomatoes just keep coming, the apples are almost ready for eating, the runner beans won't stop running and we're enjoying gluts of delicious produce aswell as sharing it with friends and family too.

Today brought a momentous occasion. Despite having the Bantam girls for several months now, until today we have been eggless. But only moments ago came the groundbreaking discovery...

It's very small but very perfectly formed. We think it Barbara, but we can't be sure yet. We'll be watching carefully these next few days to see who is making all those right signs.

Anyway, you might be wondering what else we have been up too. Well we've started a radical health plan, we are visiting the gym daily, and we've made radical changes to our eating habits which have been conducted with immediate effect.

We're making big plans for next year already, including upscaling our operation to cover a wider range of all things good. We are far from where we want to be in the long term, but these little strides make it seem like a realistic aim to have.

Well, we hope to blog more frequently this month. We've missed reading your blogs, but it's been nice to have a break. Dare I say it, but with Christmas now only around the corner we are already starting to buy, make and think of presents and puddings ready for the big day.

Thanks for reading the blog, we won't abandon you again!

Martin and Amy


  1. You have a wonderful blog that I am now following. One of the signs of the egg layers can be that the yellow legs are no longer yellow, but a sickening grey/green. My first egg from my RIRs was a momentous occassion!

  2. Well done that chicken, go girl!

  3. Good to hear from you again, and pleased to hear you are both ok :)

  4. Good to hear from you and learn that you are both well and back to education - ah Uni days - I remember them. Thanks for sharing your egg-citement.

  5. I bet that egg tastes delicious. Hope that's just the first of many to come.

  6. Thanks for reading everybody.

    We are just debating how to eat it now. I think that boiled bantam eggs are delicious so that's what I'm leaning towards. With a nice garden fresh salad of course!

    Good to hear from you all, blogging normality will be restored immediately!


  7. I just got my first large egg from some pullet chicks I got from Tractor Supply this spring. We, of course, have had duck eggs and bantam eggs all summer but it was nice to have a regular chicken egg again.


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