Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Chicken Poo Sunday..

Despite currently being 'chickenless' (the coined adjective for those who are without chickens), one of my old eglu's a green mk1 is currently in residence at Amy's Dad's house. When we got rid of the chickens last at home last year due to unforseen circumstances it was only right to carry on chicken keeping on a smaller scale elsewhere.

We were solely looking after the chooks over the last week when Amy's Dad went on holiday so it was a great chance to give them a proper muck out and give the eglu a good clean. Don't you just love the smell of chicken poo in your nostrils? You just can't beat that feeling..

I don't think these chooks have free-ranged since the day we got them just under a year ago so Sunday was a great day for them. A newly renovated property complete with new logs and an abundance of straw and three hours of free ranging in a very big garden, and the wonderful opportunity for them to dustbathe in the lovely flower beds... typical!
I think the next picture would be really suited to a caption competition... what is she doing in those flower beds?

Geraldine and Lesley are the names of our two chickens. I used to have two gingernut's called Lesley and Geraldine so it was only apt to name these two after those that went before them. Geraldine is a bit bigger than Lesley and has a lot more white plummage around the rear.  However, Lesley is definately the one that prefers to be handled...

So here is the lovely Lesley..
and here is Cristiano Geraldino.. aka Geraldine...

Both hens loved free ranging and we removed all their winter covers this weekend so they can optimal sunlight and hopefully reach optimum egg laying production. They are laying two a day as it is so I have plenty of eggs. I managed to get some kilner jars rather cheaply from IKEA last week so I will perhaps have a go at pickling some of them later.

I will keep you updated.

I have also noticed that Amy hasn't made a single post on here yet so I will be nagging her to do so later. She has just finished making a prom dress solely from paper so that is rather interesting.

Must nag..


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  1. Wonderful to see that you have some chickens - thought you had given up the 'good life'


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