Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Egging

Did you get the pun?

Well, despite me admitting to not being bothered about the hype and build up to the big event today I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing scenes from the Royal Wedding this morning and throughout the afternoon.

Being the Royal Wedding, it was only fair that we gave our own Princesses some Royal treatment.

What more does a chicken want than half of a cabbage?

The girls went free-ranging for a while, and we had to chase away one of the neighbourhood cats who was eyeing up and waiting to pounce on Lesley and Geraldine. Both Amy and I chased it right out of the garden, hopefully it won't come back any time soon!!

Lesley got a bit fed up with the papparazzi style treatment of a Princess.

 Whilst, walking up to the eglu this afternoon I could not resist taking a picture of the growing leaves on all of the plants and trees. The Bramley apple tree is looking great again. The crop last year was extremly large, fingers crossed for the same again this year.

Amy checks for eggs....

I am sorry that I did not post yesterday but Amy had the small matter of her driving test and I am really glad to say she passed!!

Have a really pleasant evening to top off this wonderful day!


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  1. Well done Amy for passing your driving test - whooo hooo

    Lovely post today


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