Sunday, 1 May 2011

April Showers?

Wow! Where did April go? I can not believe it is May already, only feels like it was Yesterday when we were settling down on Christmas Eve ready for Christmas!

April is normally associated with two combinations of two words. 'April Showers' and 'Spring Clean'. Well I've been doing the latter in the last couple of days but on the other hand I can not remember the last time it rained for more than an hour! At the begininning of the month the water butt was full to the brim but now it is as dry as a bone. I do love the glorious sunny weather, but the ground needs the rain! The ground is so hard, dry and dusty, almost impossible to grow anything but weeds in without plenty of watering and feeding.

Today, I've been sorting out the potatoes we are growing in the old compost bags. Because compost bags are quite thin, you will notice that they are not completly opaque and will allow small bits of light through. If a potato is close to the edge of the bag then you run the risk of the potato becoming green.. and that is not good!

In order to prevent growing green potatoes, you simply just need to tape some old newspaper around the bag and then place it into a strong black bin liner. This will provide more resistance against the sun's rays.

Taping newspaper around the bag

You may have noticed that the blog has a new look to it. All feedback would be appreciated, we are still tinkering with some of the features so keep an eye out for those updates as and when. Hoping to bring some video media to you in the next few weeks too!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

Have a fantastic month!


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