Sunday, 29 May 2011

We're having twins!

Oh how I love the mis-shapen vegetables you will see when you grow your own veg. On one of the courgette bushes we have this odd-ball...

It looks like two courgettes which are physically stuck together to form one and each half has it's own flower!

You would never see anything like this ending up in the supermarket, the quality control processes these days are too vigorous, and hybrid vegetables means that all crops are identically perfect. That's why it is always such a novelty when you see a potato shaped like a love heart in Tesco. Never mind a carrot shaped like a dog, or twin courgettes or a raddish shaped like a fork...

I am definately a member of the mis-shapen vegetables appreciation society!

Are you?

Ooooh... and we just enjoyed some more home grown courgettes in a meatball pasta bake! Homegrown salad leaves for sides too!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. I am also a member of the Misshapen Veg Appreciation Society. Why are so many people obsessed with the uniformity of their veg? Different is Good!

  2. I love to see misshapen veg, it shows that it's home grown as nothing other than perfectly formed veg is allowed on the supermarket shelves.


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