Monday, 30 May 2011

Moody Monday

I can't believe the weather at the moment. When will it make it's mind up?

The picture doesn't illustrate just how much rainfall we've had today..

Not much chance of getting on the sunbeds today!

I don't mind the rain, but the battering winds that are accompanying it are a real nightmare. Some plants have been destroyed by them!

The melon plant is going on the compost heap tomorrow, I gave it a chance to revive itself but it's really had it now.

The apple tree is making an ok comeback, some of the remaining apples are really getting big now.

I've just been out and covered up the potatoes with some more compost. The potatoes seem to be really enjoying this weather. I have no more space to dedicate any more bags (well I will find some somewhere) so there may be a gap in the 'continous harvest' method. But we shall see.

The tomatoes and the rest of the grow bag crew (except the melon) are also thriving which is great news. We might have found a nice new area to grow some more tomatoes. I will update you on that shortly. The first flowers are now appearing on the majority of the tomato plants.

I could do with some sun tomorrow so that I can get out there and make some more progress. I dashed out to plant the marrow out today whilst the ground is moist.

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday and half term!!!!



  1. It rained all day here too yesterday, great on the one hand but argh, wanted to get out and 'do' stuff! Looks like this week will be better tho so time to catch back up... :)

  2. We seemed to get plenty of rain yesterday too, but in reality it hardly touched the ground, which is still bone dry. I think we need more than a days rain to compensate for the dry April and May we've had.

  3. Tell me about it! I'm on to second batches of beans and carrots as the others got hot, cold, wet, dry and then gave up!!

    The potatoes here are loving it to though, as are the raspberries!


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