Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Evening walk in Bidford Upon Avon

Well, Amy is ever so keen to get on the road since she passed her test and got her car. After going all over the place yesterday we decided to go to the park at Bidford Upon Avon for a walk by the pituresque river. Bidford Upon Avon is a nice riverside town which is sort of parked inbetween Evesham and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

This is the great view from where we parked..

The town's allotments were adjacent to us on the opposite bank..

After a while we found a fishing peg to have a rest on. Most of the fishing pegs were either half in the water or the path was impassable due to a rath of stinging nettles and weeds. This one looked sturdy and had a clear path thankfully..

This field of peas was a nice sight..

We walked to the next field after the peas which contained oil seed rape and then decided to turn back as we were going to my grandma's house for 7.30. Surprisingly we didn't see any waterfowl on the walk up to the rape field except for a solitary drake but we actually saw lots of waterfowl on the way back...

We met this family of ducks about half way along our path back to the car..

It made us laugh because all 3 of them followed us back to the car. I think they were expecting us to throw some bread in or something...

Then we saw a majestic Swan by the bridge as we approached the car..

Then look who turned up...

Those three ducks did make us laugh.. They were very keen to follow our every movement at one point we were walking up and down the bank and they were following our every move!

To finish off I just want to share some pictures of the iconic bridge that really make this place stunning, a fantastic scene with the gorgeous church in the background..

The two arches on the right of the bridge no longer have the river flowing through them and they are mostly dry but it has created a small rockpool like area. Was interesting to see the interesting creatures in and around the water.. Amy was the first one over the stepping stones to investigate..

Another nice walk in the summery weather. I hear that a lot of places up and down the country have had frost and it has been killing off the plants etc. nothing here yet touch wood, but I am checking the weather forecasts regularly as there are lot of fragile/vulnerable plants outside now.

Will post an update on the growing tomorrow morning..


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