Thursday, 26 May 2011

War with the weather..


What is this bizzare weather up to at the moment?

The whistling winds, the downpours, then drought. I have no idea.

Freezing and frosty at night, baking heat in the day, a bit more wind...

I wish I was writing to say we've had a nice windfall of delicious fresh apples, but we've a windfall of the whole apple tree. The powerful wind knocked the apple tree over and snapped a few branches and has removed at least half of the budding apples. I thought it was in a pretty safe place, but this wind really, really is something else.

I can not believe that I am having to water the plants every day when it is tipping it down with rain at night. The heat during the day is evapourating the rainfall so the plants are needing a bit extra during the day. I'm starting to give some of the plants some feed too in order to prolong harvesting. The courgettes are really coming along, the tomatoes have flower buds too!

Talking of the tomatoes, the tomatoes and the other member of the grow bag family really have needed some more support in this weather. We planted another small chilli plant and that really got a bashing. The Melon doesn't seem to like the cold nights and the cucumber is still recovering from it's frost bite from the other week!

Fingers crossed for some stability with the weather!!



  1. We've had our first decent downpour for three months today, hurrah! The winds have died down here - I'm hoping our little apple tree is still okay as it was really bending over in the wind the other day...

  2. Hope you have better luck with your melon than I have the last few years. Had one small fruit last year and none the year before, and this was in the greenhouse. Think they just don't like me... So I'm getting them back by not growing them this year lol ;)

  3. Such a shame about your Apple Tree.
    We escaped any real wind damage, although the beans don't look too happy. Had some 'proper rain' yesterday but I don't think it will have penetrated far.

  4. Sorry to hear about the apple tree. Our winds have died down now, thank goodness, and we haven't had any real damage to speak of. We had a lot of rain yesterday (by recent standards) but we could do with more, during the night preferably.

  5. We had ferociously blustery winds yesterday that brought a whole afternoon of rain with it (lovely!) but it didn't seem to do too much damage. You must be gutted at losing your apple tree, but I expect you'll put the wood to good use!

  6. Well we've put the apple tree up right again and tied it to the fence. There are a some apples on there still but like I said it is probably less than half the amount there was before.

    Thanks everyone for visiting and leaving great comments! We really appreciate it!

    Martin :0)


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