Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Well yesterday afternoon was fun!

The mange tout is looking really good and really healthy and it is about time they got some support. The feelers at the top of the plant were getting longer and longer, so providing some old branches for them to lean against prevents them twining themselves with the wall, potting table etc.

Amy got the job done..

Looking good...

The chickens were allowed to free-range before we took Amy's car out for a spin for the first time...

Then just literally before we got in the car, what better than... fresh fruit salad! A mixture of shop bought fresh fruit but the nonetheless satisfying...

Fingers crossed we will have home grown fruit on the menu soon!!

Have a wicked Wednesday!



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Hope you manage to grow plenty this year, nothing tastes nicer than home grown. I'm going to have a read back through your blog now.

  2. Thanks for your comment Martin! The bumble pops are as yummy as they look!
    I wish you and Amy well on your self sufficient's nice to see some more young peeps on the same mission. Andy and myself are in our 20's and are finding our feet on the allotment scene, we also keep chickens and are planning to get our first hive in the next few months! Keep in touch x


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