Friday, 6 May 2011

Busy as a..


We are pleased to reveal that we have a buzzing bee hive again!

We collected the bees this evening at about 8.30pm just as it was getting dark so the majority of the bees will have been in the hive.

I haven't had time to check them out properly yet, but it looks like they will need some love and attention. The colony itself is quite small, so I will have to see how the queen is doing tomorrow. Hopefully everything is in working order and we can look forward to a good season. We need to establish where the colony is at before dreaming about honey.

I will post a larger update tomorrow when I have had time to check everything over.

Plenty of jobs to do:

-Check queen
-Check for any health problems
-Check honey stores
-Add a new super
-Remove all the natural comb that is not part of the frames
-Write blog..

Keep your fingers crossed for us!



  1. Awww wow, how lovely for you guys! I wish you both very well with this new hive, hopefully you'll be doing more than just dreaming about honey soon!
    We're still in the research stages of our hive unfortunately, still deciding where we can put it out of the way of nosy campers!! Think we might be making the move later this month, fingers crossed! x
    Can't wait to see pictures too, keep 'em coming!

  2. Oh wow - bees again - lucky lucky you.


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