Thursday, 5 May 2011

The fluffy bum appreciation society

Obviously not a genuine society, well I sincerly hope not. However, I do find it rather funny that chickens tend not to be that photogenic. I can easily take pictures of my other animals including dogs, tortoises and prairie dogs but I can rarely get a good picture of 'the girls'.

It seems that every time you have a good photo lined up and go to click the capture button on the camera or phone they swivel around and flash their tail!!

To my amazement this morning whilst still wearing pyjamas, I actually got an OK picture of them. No bums, no cut off crops, no looking the other way etc...

(If you ask my brother I am sure he will say that it is not the chickens it is my lame photo taking ability.. )

Just to spoil you, I really like this one too...

Just wanted to share those pictures with you. In the process of collecting bits and bobs for a veggie update later on!


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  1. I am most certainly a proud member of the fluffy bum appreciation society!
    I just love the way all chooks go about their business, constantly chatting to one another, bums in the air!
    My favourite time to watch though, is when one finds something the others want and they chase each other round the garden, rugby tackling each other to get it!!!


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