Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday - Newbold on Stour

Whilst thinking of things to do this sunny, but windy Bank Holiday Monday I remembered a nice little farm shop about 25 minutes drive away. It is the nice, countryside village of Newbold-on-Stour. It's sort of in between Stratford Upon Avon and Shipton-on-Stour.

We parked in the village and decided to walk to the farm shop which was well signposted from the road.

Whilst walking amongst fields full of onions, corn and oil seed rape we spotted a couple of pigs who looked like they were dying for some rain. There pen was as dry as a bone and they couldn't wallow to protect themselves from the sun.

Not far to go now...

Ok.. so we've now turned right. We passed some nice chickens free-ranging in the field. There were lots of traitional ginger hybrid egg layers, but it did make me laugh that there was a single grey pekin bantam cockerel amongst them!

We were completly surrounded by an array of georgeous scenery including this stream..

Then as we got closer to the farm shop I could not believe it when we saw this...


We could not belive it. It is the last place we thought would be closed on a day like today. We popped in to and went past a few garden centres and farm shops and they were all full of people! It was very frustrating, but in hindsight we should have perhaps expected it!

Anyway, we continued on our walk. Amy posed by the bridge..

As we continued we added sheep and lambs to our growing check list of farm animals we had encountered. We saw some nesting swans too. Their nests were massive but it was impossible to get a picture...

Finally, as we re-entered the village itself we came across an idealic country pub. We popped in and had a glass of coke each. It was very refreshing to say the least...

So we were slightly dissapointed to not have actually been to the farm shop, but at least it is an exciting option for a day out in the future. We popped in to Stratford on the way home to pick up some bits for this afternoon's gardening session and then we've just finished off the rest of the sausagemeat by making another batch of those delicious sausage rolls.

Enjoy your bank holiday everybody!

I will be back later!!


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  1. Super photos Martin. What a shame the shop was closed after all that! Hazel


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