Monday, 2 May 2011

hi ho hi ho.... Into the grow bags they go..

Wow! We are now on tomato plant overload! So much so that we've taken a few spares over to my grandad and grandma so they can do their own grownbag.

We popped in to Stratford after the Talton Mill dissapointment earlier and we picked up some makeshift grow bags and bits and bobs. We were surprised when we tried B&Q for some equipment. Put it this way.... We worked out that they expect you to pay £17  to grow 3 tomato plants (including the 3 plants and grow bag). The grow bags and all their veg plants were so expensive there that it was untrue.

Anyhow, mini rant over. We have been out visiting Family this afternoon so this evening we made up the two grow bags and planted 3 x orange cherry tomato plants, 1 variety of black tomato, 1 x moneymaker and 1 x Gardener's Delight.

Elsewhere in the vegetable garden..

The courgette plants are showing really mini courgettes and flower buds.

The potting table/old rabbit hutch is still full of fresh greenery... mainly provided by the courgette plant that is getting re-potted tomorrow.

The runner beans have developed well in their pots and they can now go in to a bed soon..

I can also tell you some really great news!! The first cabbage seed has germinated and oui voila...

So that was our potting and planting for the day. Some of the things are coming on very quickly now so we are going to be keeping on top of the situation every day and potting and planting as and when.

Thanks for joining us!



  1. Oh it is all looking good - and so exciting to be growing your own veggies again

  2. Yes very exciting for me. But also very exciting for Amy, she has never done anything like this before. I think she finds it hard to get her head around the fact that one small seed can turn in to a cabbage, beetroot etc.. and then we are going to eat it!

    An amazing feeling.

    Will have out own veggies, eggs and honey!



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