Tuesday, 3 May 2011


   It makes me laugh that despite the recent high quantities of outstanding and breaking news, it gives me delight to share a news story about... bees.

Now, it's probably not what you expect either. Yes bee populations are declining, yes there has been a recent spout of bee hive theft in Kent and yes farmers and land owners really are paying bee keepers to locate their hives in their apple, cherry, plum and pear orchards.

But this story comes direct from Brazil.. (courtesy of BBC Sport)


Bees on bar hold up Brazilian football game

Bees gathered at the top of the goal
Bees held up play for 20 minutes in Brazil
The discovery of a beehive on a crossbar held up play for 20 minutes at a football match in Brazil on Sunday.
The Goiania state championship match between Vila Nova and Goias at the Serra Dourada was delayed when hundreds of bees gathered on one of the goals.
The fire brigade was called in and they used an extinguisher and a flaming torch to get rid of the bees.
The Serra Dourada will stage the international friendly between Brazil and Holland on 4 June.

It is amazing where bees will land their swarm. I've obviously seen pictures of them high up on a fruit tree, but I've seen rather more bizzare pictures of them on top of lamp posts, patio heaters and in nearby Stratford Upon Avon they gathered around a bollard on the street. But a crossbar!! Never seen that before.

I'm not particularly keen on their disposal methods,jet watering and flame torching!! I'm sure some local beekeepers would have brought a long a skep so they could add to their honey harvest.

Have a super day! Bee happy!



  1. Aww - I thought it was your own colony of bees

  2. Sorry to dissapoint you Lottie!

    Bee news coming soon!

    Martin :)


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