Thursday, 19 May 2011

From this.. to this.. to this

Well, it was only on the 15th April that we bought these teeny-weeny courgette plants, and we planted them in a tubtrug full of multi-purpose compost!

They then turned into these bushes...

Now they are overflowing the tubtrug and there are courgettes growing left, right and centre...

The whole centre of the above picture is made up of the large courgette plant leaves. In just over 4 weeks, we have gone from two tiny plugs, to two vegetable bearing bushes.

It is great to reflect on a plant's growth by revisiting blog posts. When you water and tend to them everyday it is hard to realise how much they actually have grown.

Courgettes are a must for any vegetable plot!



  1. I agree, I've got to grow courgettes on my allotment. In fact, I'm growing a plant in a container in the garden too. It's amazing how plants romp away once they get going.

  2. Agreed. You get plenty of bangs for your buck with courgettes. Any that get too oversized we give to the chickens. They love 'em.

  3. lol In about a month or two you'll be hunting around for recipies wondering what to do with them all.. ;)

  4. What a great use for a tub trug - my courgettes are desperate to go out, so now I know what to do if I run our of room in the veg bed!


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