Thursday, 26 May 2011

First Pickings...


We baked these courgettes the other day and served them with some sausages, asparagus, mashed potato and carrots. Amy said they were 'the best courgettes' she had ever had!

The tiny one on the end made us laugh. We left it  for a week and it did not grow at all, whereas the other courgettes were growing noticeably each day! So we decided to pick it and eat it. It was very sweet and really lovely!

We've also been eating the salad leaves we sown out at the same time as we planted the courgette plants. We've been enjoying the fresh leaves in our sandwiches on a regular basis. When we've been picking the salad leaves we've been sowing a few raddish seeds directly in to the freshly vacated soil. The first ones have germinated so we will be enjoying fresh raddish in about 24 days! Brilliant! They are Amy's favourite too!

Well, there are plenty more courgettes where those three came from..

I am going to have a productive day today.. I hope!



  1. Courgettes in May! Fab! This warm dry weather isn't all bad :)

  2. You've got courgettes already, now I'm envious. Those small ones are the best, really tasty.


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