Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our-good-life on tour

Well sort of. We've bought a tent!

We have been looking at going away recently, and despite our trip to Disneyland Paris this coming October we had nothing else planned.

Looking for the cheapest way to go on holiday we have invested in a tent so we can go camping several times throughout the summer. With the impending exam season ahead we are planning to go to Cornwall as soon as exams are over. Probably the bank holiday Monday at the end of the month.

We both want to go to a few places in Cornwall such as the Eden project and Newquay zoo, so we have found a nice little campsite in Perranporth so fingers crossed we will be off to the coast soon! One of the swinging factors for this particular campsite was the on site farmyard and the wi-fi coverage. So you can expect blog updates whilst we are away.

I am off to ebay now to find a car cigarette lighter laptop charger.

Have a good day, windy again I see!


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  1. Oh you will have such fun. I went there when I was 17 with my boyfriend

    Wonderful beach and and sand dunes - gorgeous countryside - and winding roads - ha - those were the days,


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