Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Welcome to June.

Almost half way through the year, today is the beginning of the sixth month.

Bought myself a treat today to welcome the month in.

A new mini greenhouse!!

I made it at Amy's house and then popped it around to my house to pop it in and amongst the vegetable patch.
I've popped a grow bag on the bottom shelf. I haven't decided what to put in there yet. Maybe some courgettes or some more peppers.

The other three shelves have all the sowings and small plants that were on the old rabbit hutch. That ghastly old thing is now gone.

I've penned it down with some tents pegs and stakes, so hopefully it won't blow over in the wind!!

This mini green house will really increasing growing space...

Another update tomorrow!!



  1. Nice one, you'll be yearning for a proper glass one by the end of the year I bet.... ;)

  2. Lovely- I have a couple of these because we're not allowed structures over 4ft at the allotment and I haven't room for a proper glass one at home. Well done for having the foresight to peg it down- I didn't last year, it blew over and all my seedlings went with it. Though I managed to rescue most of them, they were in a complete muddle which made it all the more fun at harvesting time- what I thought were cabbages became brussels sprouts!

  3. I had a tall one like this one, and it was forever blowing over in the wind. I now have three of the lower 2-tier ones, which have been quite successful, though I still have to weight them down with bricks sometimes.

  4. At last I can say thank you for the welcome to June :) That's a nifty little greenhouse, the growbag should stabilise it? Hopefully :) Mo


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