Thursday, 9 June 2011

What is this??

This is rather bizzarre..

Anybody know what it is or what has happened? It seems to have happened to the majority of the runner bean bushes I've been growing. The leaves have shrivelled up and  are now really crisp and they break/crumble/disintergrate instantly when touched.

Answers on a postcard (or via comment) and thanks in advance!



  1. It looks like the leaves have been scorched. They should recover ok.

  2. That is exactly what happened to my beans!!! Both Runner and French. I have had two lots of beans go this way. The second batch of Runners look like they might recover but the French beans have all died, again. It happened as soon as I put them outside - I grow mine in the house, no greenhouse! I thought it was the wind as we have had little or no sun but plenty wind, seemed to happen overnight!

  3. Yep, I would agree with Jo.
    Take a look at this little guide:

    Hope they recover OK! I think a lot of people will be suffering the same with the intermittent rain and soil baked hard, poor old roots!!

  4. I foolishly planted my house-grown beans out just before the first round of downpours and gales. Not one survived. Like the above comments, it's gonna be a weather thing, with the current weather they'll either be battered, drowned or fried. Try potting on into larger tubs and nurturing in the shade for a while.

  5. You are all amazingly helpful..

    Definately sounds like scorch and it makes sense with the current battering of rain then intense and blazing heat!!


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