Monday, 13 June 2011


I would just like to thank all of my readers and followers for their continued support. Starting a new blog from scratch was a rather daunting prospect, but I do not regret it one bit. Thankyou for all your lovely comments, suggestions and general feedback about our blog. Both Amy and I read every single comment left, and although it is very tough trying to get back to each and everyone of them, we will always reply to a question or suggestion.

Thankyou to those of you who replied to this post the other day. You all correctly diagnosed the problem with the bean plants as 'sun scorch'. With this terribly volatile weather that we have at the moment it is easy to understand why and how they were scorched. One moment we have had blazing heat and delightful sunshine, but the next minute we have had downpour after downpour followed by some more sun. It really is crazy. We now officially live in a 'drought' zone, so we have to be vigilant with our water useage. Thank goodness that yesterday's torrential rain will have filled up the empty water butt.
It was meant to be the annual street market celebration in Alcester yesterday but the elements meant that the whole event was a non-starter. It must be devastating for all those people who have put lots of time and effort in to preparing the event.

Well, I really wonder what the weather is going to do today! The five day forecast for our post code doesn't give too much indication, the whole week looks like it is going to be fairly inconsistent.

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  1. We had rain all day yesterday, quite heavy too, which we really needed at the allotment. Already today it's looked like rain, but the sun is out at the moment, though it's a little breezy. Looks like it can't make it's mind up.

  2. We seem to always be under drought conditions here in GA in the summer but just lately we have been lucky. We had a short but nice rain about 4 evenings ago, then night before last we had an apparently very quick rain (the cars were wet but some of the ground was still dry) but last night we had an absolute downpour (my beans always look sun scorched but they still grow). Perhaps I won't have to water until next week and then as you said there will be water in our rain barrel again to help with that.

  3. I tried to add a comment about your bean but Blogger wasn't having it :( Still, plenty of others were helpfuul :)

  4. We have had a very wet Winter and Spring and are finally having a stretch of warm days. Hope the weather in your part of the country goes back to normal. We haven't even started a garden yet. Good luck!

  5. Glad we are not the only ones battling with the elements.
    A relatively nice sunny day today.

    Fingers crossed for the same tomorrow at Gardener's World Live!!

    Martin :)


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