Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Morning all,
First of all a quick sorry because I have not wrote a blog post for a while due to exams but i am glad to say with a big smile on my face they are all over now for summer ! So I can sit back, relax and get back to some work in the garden!
Yesterday Martin and I went to our local libary for the first time in what seems like for years and we both realised how brilliant it really is and really how sustainable and environmentally friendly it is to share books within the community and not just to all buy the same and not share, then have them sit on your bookshelf until they eventually reach the bin.
We managed to pick up a lovely book about beekeeping which caught our eyes on the shelf. It has some brilliant tips and information in a colourful, fun, easy read book. We were also  tempted to borrow the many other brilliant books they had to offer on gardening, diy and self sufficient living, however we thought we ought to read the ones we did borrow first!

Hope you are all well and we hope to keep you updated about our future reading and any useful tips we come across!


  1. Pleased to hear your exams are over :)
    I love libraries. I use them to check books out to see if I want to buy them ;)

  2. Glad to hear your exams are over, hope they went well. My son is taking his GCSEs, he's only got Geography left now which is a week on Friday. I'm pleased to see you making use of your library. It's sad that so many libraries are fighting to stay open when they offer such a useful service, if only more people would use them. Hope you enjoy reading the book you borrowed.

  3. I couldn't possibly afford to buy all the books I want to read and borrowing them from the library is one way of doing it. If I'm reluctant to give a book back, I know I have to buy it! Our lovely old library has been given a reprieve from the Camden cuts which I hugely relieved about.

  4. Glad to know you all reap the benefits of your local libraries.

    Such a shame they are closing so many..



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