Monday, 27 June 2011

It's all growing mad

 With the lush sunshine and nice sprinkle of rain that we have had during the last few days the whole vegetable garden is growing mad.

Everything is coming on so well.

We've seen ....

plenty more of these.....

the first tomato fruits appear...

(but the picture won't load, I will edit it in later!!)

the first pods on the manage tout...

the ripening of our own raspberries...

the flowers are appearing on the potatoes...

the cabbages are outgrowing their pots...

the first sign of a marrow....

and finally germination galore for the winter veg in the greenhouse....

This is the best time of year when you grow your own vegetables and fruit. To see all your hard work beginning to pay off, and the prospect of home grown meals are suddenly on the horizon. We've been harvesting courgettes for a long time now, but not much else, that will be changing in the next few days and weeks of course..

We both really enjoy reading every blog post that people put on (If we follow you). If you haven't already checked out some of the blogs that I follow on the right hand side of my blog then please do. If you enjoy reading my blog, then you will enjoy reading these too. They have many similarities to mine, but major differences which make it all so relevant and interesting.

Thanks for calling in on us again.

I hope your vegetables grow and grow and grow,

Martin and Amy x


  1. wow everything looks great! :) I've fallen off the seed wagon, I always get distracted by the veg at this time of year and have nothing through the winter- what winter veg are you growing there? Also, what do you do with your marrows? I can never get to the courgettes in time and currently have 3 massive marrows clogging up my cupboards- any tips?

    Lovely posts as always :)

    Holly x

  2. Thanks for visiting Holly!

    We are growing a variety of winter veg inluding brassicas, turnips, parsnips, winter carrots, kale and all year round lettuces. I am sure there is more, but I am rather forgetful.

    With marrows, the best thing to do is to decore them and stuff them with a mixture of minced meat, brown rice and tomato puree. There are plenty of recipes for stuffed marrow online and they are all pretty similar. Very delicious too!

    Have a great day!

    Martin :)

  3. What a great veggie-fest you have - it's all looking brilliant - you have achieved so much in your garden this year - You should be very proud of yourselves

  4. Thanks Lottie.

    Looking back at pictures of it since the old flock of chickens left really illustrates the massive transformation.

    Thanks for all of your positive comments and kindness.

    Martin :)

  5. Great display! And good to see your seedings coming along too. Doesn't it all make life feel grand? :)

  6. Oh WOW - now that is impressive. I have been without a computer so I am just trawling my veggie blogs and catching up on what I have missed! I will hold off putting any pictures of my little ones just yet ... but I am sure they will be super (fingers crossed!!). I will them on each day - it does make you feel good! I am encouraged!!!


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