Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hedgerow Heaven

Well. My grandma and grandad have lived in their current home for almost twenty years, and yesterday I saw something for the first time that I had previously failed to notice.

Across the road, is a hedgerow with a mixture of different bushes, and in the middle were...


What a delightful find. I am used to helping myself to plentiful blackberries and elderflowers but I have never come across Raspberries like this before. I am always keen to make the most of free food wherever I can.

Why not?

We are going to tuck in to these ones tonight, we also had one off our measly raspberry bushes/canes.

Talking of elderflowers I picked over 20 heads, to make some elderflower cordial. It's quite late in to the elderflower season, in fact I struggled to find 20 good quality, healthy heads. But I did. I've made elderflower cordial before and it was absolutely delicious. I read on the River Cottage forum that the best way to store it is in plastic water bottles (we have plenty of these lying around) and then you should keep 1 in the fridge for current use, and then pop the rest in the freezer until they are required, then you don't have any odd tasting stuff in a couple of weeks. We bought some cordial at Gardener's World/ The Good Food Show, if it tastes anything like it then I will be very, very pleased.

I'll update you with how it went as soon as possible. I know I still haven't posted about the candles we made, but be sure to find it here in the next couple of days.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!



  1. What a great find - you can't beat free food can you. You'll know where to visit next year - they'll be even better - and of course you can take cuttings in the autumn - free raspberry bushes too!

  2. Lucky thing! My favorite berry!! Great find!
    The elderberries sound great too. I have an elderberry plant but it's never yielded any fruit for me!

  3. Hi Lottie - We are going to take some cuttings and a kind friend has offered us some more established canes too. We should be quids in for Raspberries next year! Thanks for visiting us again!!

    Mrs Bok - Homemade Elderflower cordial is great, hope you can make some soon. :)


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