Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's all down hill from here..

Well, today marks the beginning of summer.

Every day now until the 23rd December we will gradually get less and less sunlight. I've really been enjoying the long late nights in the garden, I recon we've still got a month or so of late nights though. It's not going to get really dark, really quickly now is it!

I don't think vegetables get the credit they deserve, they are much cleverer than you think. The 21st June is a significant day for the likes of leeks, beetroot and many other root carrots. Apparently, these delicious vegetables clock on to the fact that the amount of daylight is gradually reducing and therefore they begin to in take more and more water and nutrients in order to prepare themselves for winter. (Obviously, they won't see the winter in the garden, but they don't know that) With the increased intake of goodness the vegetables begin to swell up and then when they are at their prime we take them in to the kitchen to eat.

Following yesterday's post about the lack of strawberries, we've been searching for locations to go and pick our own from local strawberry fields. I remember that when I was a kid we used to pick our own all the time. But these days it is difficult to find any where to do it. It seems that the health and safety brigade have forced many small businesses to shut up shop. The strawberries still grow, but you can't pick your own. It's very sad really. I am going to do a bit of search tonight and see what I can find, but in the meantime I've found something that is equally delicious and free in the hedgerows, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them. I'll tell you a bit more about them tomorrow.

I couldn't post a blog post without a picture.

So I thought this picture sums up my day...


I took this picture at the Royal Show in 2007. Why did they have to cancel it, it was such good fun.

Have a great day one and all. I still have the candle post and hedgerow post to go up in the next few days so be sure to check back.

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  1. I thought for a minute that you meant you had found a pig in the hedgerow... Now that would be quite some find!

  2. I love Middle Whites, what a great snap. I had a couple as my first pigs, bought because I read their dish shaped noses prevent them rooting the ground up like other free-rangers - Mine were experts! Had an acre turned over in under a week!
    Looking forward to the hedgerows tale. I saw someone stuffing a bag full of pickings on our lane recently, a bush I had never taken much notice of before, and after having a nosey when he had gone I am still none the wiser - will take a snap and post later in the week someone may solve the puzzle for me!

  3. Oioooo what have you found? Loganberries? Blackberries? Better yet, raspberries...?
    Love this late light. Not dark in Paris until well after 10pm.

  4. Middle whites! That's what they are! Thanks Leanne!

    The hedgerow finds will be revealed tomorrow!


  5. We didn't know that about vegetables. Thank you.

    Sft x

  6. We used to have a PYO Strawberry Farm in the village. Gone now and some houses have replaced some of the Strawberry Fields. Sad.
    Can't wait to hear about your candles. Mo

  7. Tis true, my birthday usually falls on the shortest day of the year - 21st December, winter solstice is a long way off right now though, enjoy the summer hazy days! x

    I love PYO, such a great way to spend an afternoon too, will be using them this year in my baking too hopefully! x

  8. I love the light nights, they make you want to get outside whereas it's the opposite once the nights draw in.

  9. Completly agree with what you said Jo.

    Will checky your blog Kay to find out about pick your own bakery!

    It seems that a lot of PYO have shut Mo, a real shame.

    Thanks for visiting everyone.

  10. What a fabulous piggie picture! And you nearly succeeded in 'depressing' me with your 'It's all down hill now' - thinking that each night will get darker lol


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