Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Plot to plate..

In just under 30 minutes. We picked our own veg to accompany our dinner tonight. We are pleased to say that the mange tout is now ready for picking, and they looked extremly scrumptious last night. Such a divine tasting vegetable..

The mange tout seeds were the first seeds we planted this year. We planted out the courgettes on the same day, but we bought those from plants. In fact one of the first posts on this blog outlines what we did. (click here)

To see how far we've come when we simply look back on blog posts from a couple of months ago is very exciting! This whole journey started with a few pots and seeds and now we have tons of stuff that is growing at a rapid pace.

Mange tout alone would have been a dissapointing side to go with our lovely pork loin, so a few courgettes freshly picked from the flourishing bushes was a bonus too. They were delicious too, so both were a real success.

We had to cheat with the potatoes by buying them, our first 'harvest' resulted in a solitary potato but we are optimistic about the next lot of bags nonetheless.

Finally..We are going camping today! I cleaned out the car last night, and loaded in all of the things we needed such as sleeping bags,food, stove, folding chairs etc.

We are staying in Bourton on the Water for a single night tonight, and returning later tomorrow because Amy has work in the evening. Bourton is a gorgeous place to visit, and almost two full days will give us plenty of time to explore the quiet village.

Have a good day and happy harvesting!



  1. This is the first year that I've grown mange tout. I picked the first ones at the weekend and they were delicious, I'll definitely be growing them again. Growing your own is a bit of an addiction, isn't it? You start off with a couple of things and before you know it you're producing lots of your own food, it's great. Enjoy your camping trip.

  2. Lovely Mange Tout, something I haven't grown this year, I do have a lovely little harvest of Sugar Snap peas for tonights tea though.

    Enjoy your camping trip and thanks for all your comments on my Blog.

    Sue xx

  3. Oh how exciting going camping - you'll be under canvas as I type this no doubt. Have a really lovely time as I am sure you will.

    The mange tout and courgette look delish - my mange tout are ready but not courgettes yet.

  4. Great looking harvest there! :)

    Hope you enjoy Bourton, it's only about 40 minutes from where we live and we tend to pop there a couple of times a year just to wander around and visit the bird park. The village is great at christmas time too, all the shops get involved and the staff dress up in period costumes giving the whole thing an old fashioned English feel.... :)


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