Monday, 25 April 2011

The Taste Test

Remember those pickled eggs I made the other day?

These ones.....

Well they have been left over the weekend and today was the time to taste them...

I was crossing my fingers in order to present Amy with her first taste of pickled failure. But guess what... they were absolutely devine.

I do love pickled eggs, ever since I had one in Great Yarmouth whilst on holiday with my grandparents, uncle and brother. It has been ever so tempting to have one every time I visit the chip shop, but since the work with the Battery Hen Welfare Trust I have been much more cautious when eating products containing eggs and chicken meat. Having a glut of pickled eggs from our own hens and pickled by ourselves will be great. Will have another one later when I have a turkey sandwich made from yesterday's left overs!

Have a wonderful day..

Ooops.. better put some bread on if I want a sandwich..



  1. Right that's it - I am committed. I have been giving dozens and dozens of my bantam eggs away to neighbours, post lady, and family when I see them - oh and have made and frozen cakes too. I really will have a go at these pickled eggs over the weekend - it's on my to do list!

  2. Great news!

    Pickled Bantam eggs will be delicious. Don't forget that Bantam eggs are the perfect size for homemade scotch eggs too!

    Yum Yum!


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