Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Wow! What a fantastic Easter Monday yesterday was! The weather was glorious once again so that called for one thing and one thing only... gardening!

Yesterday, we managed to sow some cabbage seeds, beetroot, some more mange tout, runner beans and we also started a second bag of potatoes which is quite exciting. Our garden is now resembling a garden centre/farm shop with seedlings and plants scattered about the place including on top of an old rabbit hutch!!

The highlight of my day was planting out on an old wheelbarrow which was in the front garden when we moved here. We added some good well rotted compost to the bottom, before adding some fresh, drier compost on the top. We had 10 Strawberry plants that needed potting up. Like I mentioned, there is a house on our daily walk that has plants outside for people to take and make a donation if they like. I have found it hard to resist taking plants every time I go by. I took the majority of the strawberry plants last time I went past and I was pleased to see that she had restocked with more today. I love kind people like this and therefore I always make a donation just about in line with the price I would have paid at a garden centre. I have also taken a few Tomato plants and another courgette plant today. I really do like kind people, and the idea of an 'honesty box' makes me very happy.

So that was 10 plants planted out of their pots in to larger accomodation. They look a bit like Cheryl Cole's hair at the moment; weak, limp, lifeless.. but hopefully they'll establish themselves well in the next few days. Amy did most of the work and I am nagging her to get on here again to tell you about all her new ideas. Including a post about what be bought on ebay for £20 yesterday.. And why I've had to visit Banbury twice in a week..

Have a very happy Tuesday evening.. well what's left it anyway!!!



  1. Your garden is looking amazing - well done you two. Have you lived there long?

  2. We are still living with parents as I am at uni and Amy is at sixth form. Amy is looking at going in to a full time job next year and I am going to be starting a payed employment gap year so we may look to move out then. Thanks for the kind comments, keep them coming!! :) :)

    Have a good evening!



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