Thursday, 14 April 2011

An introduction to urban sustainability.

Wow! A couple of years ago I used to blog religiously about my self sufficicent dream and the small steps I was taking to get there. But things change! I no longer have chickens at home, I no longer have my beehive, I no longer have my allotment and I no longer have quail. But I did meet the girl of my dreams, so I understandably got a little side tracked. I also came out the other end of the education system with an A* in Business, A in Economics and B in English Language, and hey presto I am now studying at Aston University for a DEGREE! Blimey, time realy does fly.

I was going to rejuvinate my old blog, but when I went to find it I discovered that vox had in fact closed down and my memories which I captured in my blog had been lost forever. So I am back here on blogspot where it all started about 6 years ago...I think they call it google blogger or something like that in this day and age.

I would just like to introduce my other half for those who previously followed me. This is..Amy.

Amy is still studying for her A-Levels and is currently pondering which route to take regards to university or not to university. We met at a Fireworks display just over 3 years ago and we have been togther for 2 and a half years!! Amy was not really into chickens and vegetables other than the concoction of the two on a plate come Sunday evening. I was dedicating more time to Amy and Education that the self sufficiency stuff went out the window, and I needed to save the money to things like drive and insure a car, a rather costly excercise in today's world!

Amy has never blogged before and she has never ever grown anything other than her nails before now. But I'm buckling her seatbelt for the rollercoaster ride that comes with being a green bean.

 From today everything changes. We will both have access to the blog and you will see both of us posting from time to time either individually or as a pair. This blog will track the progress of our small scale urban adventure in to being green and enjoying a not quite self sufficient, but more sustainable lifestyle.

Please come back to see us soon!!


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  1. Congratulations on restarting your blog and your self-sufficient lifestyle. I l#m looking forward to reading how you both get on.
    All the best


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