Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We like frogs because they eat..

...SLUGS. And nobody likes SLUGS.

I'm not a big fan of putting down any chemicals to keep away slugs and snails, especially when we have other pets such as dogs and chickens who would most probably like the idea of scoffing a nice blue pellet.

At the allotment I had a wildlife pond which was full of slugs and now I really need to create something here too. The old slug is the gardener's enemy. Just as your plants start to look nice and pretty you come down one morning to see a gaping hole in the foliage and a big slimey trail along the soil, down the pot, across the path, over the grass, along the decking, up the wall... and yes.. they've got away!

Putting salt on them is effective but cruel and you actually have to find the slug in order to sprinkle it over them. I find that the only time slugs come out is when you are not around. I think they hide in the bush until you go back in to the house, and then as soon as they hear the back door close they re-emerge to eat your prize marrow and ruby red strawberries.

You can do the old beer trap thing.. but that is a waste of good beer! The Pumpkin needs that doesn't it?! What? I need that!! Not the pumpkin or slugs! What came over me there?

Therefore the best thing to do is get some slimy frogs. An awesome line up of frogs and chickens is a frightful thought for the slugs.

If you are a slug in my garden... here is your eviction notice!! Leave immediately or stay at your peril.

More to follow over the next few weeks....


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