Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Paper Prom Dress


This is my first post on our new blog.
This self sufficiency thing is really catching on to me. We thought it would be appropriate to share my A-Level Design and Technology project with you. The task was to create a bespoke, eyecatching piece of clothing for somebody to wear. I created a dress completly made from recycled PAPER for somebody to wear to an event such as last night of the proms.

Here are some pictures




The bottom half is made from folded newspaper is stapled to the top half which is made from the pages of old music books which nicely ties in with the theme of last night of the proms.

I have also added the floral features made from scrap tissue paper. The flowers featured are poppies and daffodils. The poppy is a symbol of peace and remembrance whereas the daffodil shows new life and is generally a pretty flower.

We made bread today too and the chickens have been free ranging today too. I'll try and write another post soon if I can remember the login details this time.


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