Saturday, 23 July 2011


A strange thing indeed.

It always amazes me that despite allowing chickens to have the run of the garden, which you think would be heaven for them. I mean, compost heaps, plentiful grass, weeds and worms to eat. Can't be too bad for a bird can it?

But still, you can't please them and they always seem fascinated to know what's going on inside... Inside the house that is!

If you leave the door open they will be straight in, pecking at the doormat, the curtains and the carpet.

I had the door open this morning, and low and behold something jumped on the sofa. First of all I thought it was the dog, turns out it was ... Barbara!

I wish I had the camera handy. She was quite happily perched on the sofa, and she didn't want to get off either.


  1. Sounds like Barbara's making herself at home.

  2. Yes, quite literally!

    Martin :0)

  3. LOL Same problem here! It was like a scene from The Birds yesterday. I opened the backdoor to a sea of hens, from top step to the yard, all standing still, silent... waiting. :O)

  4. When we first had chickens we only had 10 and they used to troop into the house on a regular basis.

    We have a brilliant shot of one of them watching ice hockey on tele!!

    Sue xx


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