Saturday, 30 July 2011

Grab your popcorn..

I love going up the narrow path to the beehive, it's discreetly tucked behind the shed, and can't be seen from anywhere in the garden. If you know where to look you can see it from the bridge which the main road goes over. I don't feel a threat from vandalism or anything like that because it looks like a pile of old boxes on the side of a slope.

I didn't don the whole outfit yesterday afternoon, I did that in the week. But sometimes I just like going up the path to take a look at the bees flying in and out of the beehive.

I've gone video crazy these last few days, and there is another one to follow tomorrow too.

You can just about make out the flighty bees as they come home...

I appologise in advance for the 'WHAT!' in the middle. Amy was shouting me from down the garden because Barbara thought it would be nice to eat the freshly sown grass seed.

Grab your popcorn now and sit back...

Have a good weekend.

I realise that this weeks post has been mainly chickens, and now bees. How about some fantastic, exciting and amazing vegetable news on Monday? Definately stay tuned!!



  1. Interesting!
    I will hold on to my pop corn (not the Monsanto one, of course!) waiting for the amazing vegetables news.
    Have a wonderful w.e.

  2. I know bees are great and we need them, but they still worry me! I don't run away screaming with flapping arms like I used to though!


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