Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sealed Pot Challenge

Do you have a sealed pot?

We do....

We have two in fact, one for each of us. Amy had hers bought for a birthday present by her godmother, and I was so envious of the idea and concept that Amy bought me my own, and it looks just like the one above. It is a ceramic pot with a whole to put coins or notes in. You can't get them out unless you smash the pot so it is less tempting to take a few quid out here and there. I often empty the contents of my wallet's coin pouch in here to lessen the weight.

Thanks to the wonderful SFT, I have found out that many other bloggers have a similar sealed pot. So, a whole group of us have determined a date to smash our pots to pieces. The date set is the 3rd December. Would you like to join us?

The great thing about the 3rd December is that it is just in time for Christmas and when your nearest and dearest ask you what you want for Christmas just tell them you want a nice, fancy, new sealed pot.

We hope our savings can go towards a nice treat. Maybe towards a holiday or something we really need.

Check out SFT's blog by clicking here to read more about the sealed pot challenge.

The next context clue will be revealed tomorrow.

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  1. Great idea :) I won't be joining in though. We have 'pots' - one for coppers, one for 5p's and one for 20p's. They get emptied as and when they get full, and we never think to dip into them.

  2. I keep seeing these around. I like the idea but I have a feeling I would never get the money as I would feel bad about smashing the pot! LOL

  3. Martin and Amy
    Thanks for posting about the sealed pot. Have had 2 other people join us today!

    Hi Rosie,
    Many of us have used recycled pots such as jars or margarine tubs. Just seal them up, chuck in the change and wait until 3rd Dec,would love more people to join us!


  4. Martin and Amy you inspired me....I'm off for a trawl to see what I can use for mine.

    3rd December is a great date for opening them too.

    Sue xx

  5. My daughter has been asking for one of these pots, though I think it's a waste to have to smash it to get your money out. I have an old baby milk container (you can tell how old it is, my youngest is thirteen on Friday), and I save £2 coins, 5p's and copper in it. I empty it when it gets full.

  6. Okay, I'll give it a go - just need to find a suitable pot.... the hunt is on! :)

  7. John and I have a pot too! We put our food money change in it every week (we both put in £20 per week for food) and at the end of June we used it to help pay for our holiday to the Outer Hebredies...we had £90! Very very good idea...now it's only coppers so got to start it back up again!


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